Дневникът на Марго Малинова

октомври 15, 2010

European Quality Label

Днес получих поздравително писмо от e-Twinning:

Dear Margo Malinova,

Congratulations! Your school has been awarded the European Quality Label for the excellence of the work in the eTwinning project „Bridges through History with Maths“. This means that your work, the work of your students and your school have been recognised at the highest European level.

As a result you will receive a certificate which you can attach to your website(s) and display in a prominent position in your school. Also, your project will be displayed in a special area on the European Portal at http://www.etwinning.net.

Once again congratulations on this unique achievement and I hope that we may meet at one of the eTwinning events during the year.

With my best regards,
eTwinning Team

Получих    документ :

Европейски знак за качесво

по проект “ Мост през историята с математика“

Този знак за качество е за всички учители и ученици от СОУ “ Железник“ работили по този проект през 2009-2010 година.

Това е четвъртия знак за качество на СОУ “ Железник“ !



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